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Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing represents the science of driving highly targeted prospects to your Website based on the Keywords these prospects use to search for companies offering products or services like yours.

We build Pay Per Click campaigns from start to finish, including Keyword research, ad copywriting, monitoring and reporting.

We can run your campaign based on a daily, weekly or monthly budget. Our full-service approach requires no work from our Clients, allowing them to direct their attention to other areas of their business.

Optimizing your PPC campaign is a continuous process that requires constant and focused management - this constant care is included in the fees charged against your budget so you know exactly what you are paying for at all times.

Link Marketing

Link Marketing is a critical traffic-building strategy that places a link to your Website on the Websites of other companies that are likely to attract prospects that would be interested in your products or services.

Link Marketing is a great way to increase rankings with Search Engines as well. Search Engines use "robots" to spider Websites across the Internet by traveling through links from Web Page to Web Page.

The more links you have to your Website, the higher Search Engines will rank your Website.

A Website's placement within a spider-driven Search Engine is derived from hundreds of variables such as link popularity, click popularity, Keyword density, Website content and more.

Our Link Marketing Program includes all the strategies required to achieve the best results, and identifies the most qualified Websites that you should have linking to your Website.

Search Engine Optimized Press Releases

One of the most effective strategies to jump-start the traffic to your Website is to send a Search Engine Optimized Press Release.

Search Engine Optimized Press Releases are affordable and very effective tools that drive qualified traffic to your Website by creating news that features special offers, upcoming events and related announcements.

We post the Press Release on your Website and distribute it to the top Online Newswires for mass distribution to all Online and Print news outlets.

The SEO Press Releases are indexed by Search Engines, which also improves your Search Engine rankings and increases traffic to your Website.

Contextual Online Marketing

Contextual marketing is a strong complement to an existing search engine marketing campaign and gives advertisers the ability to increase their distribution beyond standard marketing.

Contextual marketing should be considered a separate form of search engine marketing because the consumer is not utilizing keyword search to find information about a product or service. Search engines like Google or Yahoo! allow advertisers to place their text ads on other websites within an affiliated network, websites which are relevant to the advertiser's business.

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